Pet Adoption- A Second Chance For A Forever Home

If you’re looking for a new best friend consider pet adoption. But before you do adopt a new pet you should be thoroughly aware of what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. By adopting a dog or cat into your family, you’re making a long-time commitment. Are you prepared to: spend time, exercise and play with your pet, care for your pet if he needs medical attention, meet nutritional requirements, etc.? There is nothing better than the purr of a cat or a dog’s head in your lap.

adopted dogSome people even think of their pets as their children, and ultimately this is what it will amount to. And just like with a young child, you will need to house train it! You will also need to teach your pet some obedience and house training especially if you get a dog.

Cats on the other hand are slightly easier because they can be a bit more independent. Cats can be trained (especially those that are food motivated),  although it definitely can take a bit more patience and time. Be prepared to provide mental enrichment with interactive games, puzzles, cat T.V. (bird watching) and other activities. Build your cat an outside play area commonly know as a “catio.” Cats can be very affectionate and needs lots of play time just like dogs. Provide several scratching posts or cat trees throughout your home and of course you will need to clean the litter box 1 to 2 times per day. You can find a variety of cats available for adoption at your local shelter.

If you adopt a younger or very active dog how you will take care of his exercise requirements? If you work a minimum of 8 hours per day, how will you provide for your pet during the day? Will your dog need obedience training? If not, try a new sport such as agility, fly ball or perhaps nose work training. There are many different choices you have to exercise and provide your dog with mental stimulation. These among many others are questions that are important to ask yourself. Many people think of their pets as their children, and ultimately this is what it will amount to. Some shelters also have birds or other animals, like hamsters, rabbits, horses in need of adoption. Do some research and find what might best suit your lifestyle.
Looking for places to adopt a pet? Look at your local animal shelter(s), virtual pet adoption, or non-profit animal rescue groups. Many non-profit groups and shelters sponsor events at local pet stores on the weekend. Maybe you know of a neighbor or friend who is moving away and cannot take their pet with them. You might have the good fortune of knowing their pet and would love to provide a home for him.

Perhaps you don’t want to provide for a pet on a permanent basis, but love dogs or cats. Help your local shelter by fostering. There are many dogs and cats who don’t do well in the shelter environment and can really use your help. Maybe you will find that fostering is more than enough for you.
Best of luck on your new adventure!

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