Positive rewards based training is a scientific-evidence based method used in many areas of behavior modification including dog training. Positive reinforcement is used to help our dogs learn and perform tasks to our liking. Using food or toys are great things to use to reinforce our dogs’ good behavior. We are teaching our dogs what to do rather than what not to do. Positive reinforcement dog training, effectively communicates to our dog – Yes – I like that. More of that behavior please.

Training You Can Understand

Let’s see what this would look like in our world. You are assigned a new project at work, something you have never done before. You complete a draft and present it to your supervisor for review. Your supervisor says: “NO – that’s not what I want, and by the way, you are not going to get paid for the hours you worked on this.” Huh? What did he want then? I don’t understand. This is frustrating, confusing and not very motivating. What would have been more effective? If your supervisor said “GREAT JOB, excellent information!” This is very close to what I want, but can you focus on this particular part of the process?” Your supervisor just motivated you with positive reinforcement using praise and clarified what he wants you to do. How would you rather be taught?

big and small dogsTraining Dogs In A Positive Manner

Dogs learn that good things happen when using reward based training. For example: I want to teach my dog to sit. I request the behavior, sit, and the dog sits. If I do this enough times, the dog starts to connect the sit with the reward. In the dog’s world, he thinks “If I sit then I get really good food. I like this game. Can we please play some more?” Your dog learns to love being trained and training becomes a great game that is fun!

Dogs need to be motivated, just as you or I need to be motivated. No motivation, no training. Plain and simple. Rewards-based canine training makes training fun for the dog and the trainer and is a great way to bond with your dog.

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